“No story is ever written without imagination. Pullin has its own, forged over the years by the determination of one man, Emmanuel Lohéac.”


PULLIN is a French underwear brand created by Emmanuel Lohéac in 2000 with a vision that rapidly became a true brand philosophy: revolutionise the lingerie market, which had been very conservative up to that point, with daring prints and products that had just the right amount of originality, comfort and quality.

Designed in France and proudly manufactured in the European Union (France, Spain, Italy and Portugal), PULLIN underwear are the result of exclusive know-how using the most efficient materials and the latest printing and assembly techniques.

The brand’s attention to detail is what distinguishes our authentic design from simple ingenuity. Thanks to the combination of style, quality and innovation, our underwear have become real fashion accessories intended for modern customers who don't want to have to choose between fashion and function and who wish to express themselves through the clothes they wear... down to the last stitch.