“Pretty Wild has built a very strong & unique brand identity as a brand made for women who love refinement and dare to seduce. Every piece of lingerie comes as a precious intimate gift, evoking a woman's sense of pride, sexiness and sophistication. Wearing Pretty Wild you do not need diamonds to impress. Life is a present and so are you!”


Pretty Wild Lingerie is a high-end luxury lingerie label founded in The Netherlands. Designed and founded by Firouze Akhbari, who fostered a passionate culture of finely designed luxurious lingerie, the brand exudes a high sense of quality, femininity and elegance. Since its inception, Pretty Wild Lingerie has grown to become highly successful on the global market. The brand is often covered in global influential fashion magazines, and has caught the attention of international celebrities like Lady Gaga, who wore the brand in her music video “Applause” and is often seen publicly in Pretty Wild bras.

Pretty Wild Lingerie’s designs have the unique power to make you feel special every single moment of the day, provoking a sexually alluring prowess that sparks confidence. When opening the luxurious, round box in which every item is presented individually, and the large satin tie which needs to be unfolded to open the box, adds a sense of curiosity and indulgence. The experience of unwrapping Pretty Wild Lingerie is the ultimate intimate allure.