Amsterdam, The Netherlands — December 9, 2015 — MRH SpaRotica Groupé (“MRH”) announced today its first global intimates acquisition, Pretty Wild Lingerie (“Pretty Wild”), a Netherlands-based luxury lingerie brand. The acquisition adds an elegant and intimate touch to the company’s Lingerie & Intimate Goods portfolio. Pretty Wild will leverage MRH’s existing infrastructure to expand the brand’s E-commerce presence, with further investments in technological innovations that push the envelope of possibilities in intimate online operations. Pretty Wild’s global platform will be expanded to accelerate its growth through franchised retail networks. Additionally, in Greater China alone, 40 stores are planned over the next 5 years including a China-specific E-commerce launch in spring 2016.

“At MRH we are inspired and informed by brands pertaining an Artful Suavity (“skillful polish”) in product design, fine craftsmanship, quality and marketing finesse. The acquisition of Pretty Wild is precipitated by the brand’s evocative stance, playing well to our SpaRotica DNA, a brand that evokes an intimate emotional connection with its confident, sexy and ardent customers,” said Richard Kisembo, President & CEO of MRH. “The creativity and perfection of the brand’s design evokes sensuality and elegance that is not often seen in the intimates segment.”

Since the 2013 launch of Pretty Wild, the brand has generated global attention from celebrities and press that has garnered a sensational customer following. Lady Gaga wore the brand’s iconic ‘Bow’ bra throughout her ‘Applause’ video, concerts and has been publicly seen wearing Pretty Wild on multiple occasions.



Shanghai based MRH SpaRotica Groupé (“MRH”) is a visionaire of iconoclast and evocative premium fashion brands. We curate and invest in impactful brands our ardent customers lust for through acquisition and licensing, and capitalize on their opportunities by financing, managing and developing their growth. Together with its affiliates, MRH owns and operates retail stores, distributes merchandise through franchisees, and operates E-commerce websites. MRH operates across four distinct sectors: Fashion & Leather Goods, Lingerie & Intimate Goods, Perfumes, Bath & Body, and Selective Retailing. Our overall vision is longterm driven, ensuring our operating strategies place consumer experience and the market longevity of each brand first and foremost.

Pretty Wild Lingerie is a high-end luxury lingerie label founded in The Netherlands. Designed and founded by Firouze Akhbari, who fostered a passionate culture of finely designed luxurious lingerie, the brand stands for quality, femininity and elegance. Driven by innovative designs, each piece of the collection is crafted from pristinely selected materials including French lace, three-dimensional embroidered flowers, genuine leather and the softest silk. Since its launch in January 2013, Pretty Wild Lingerie has grown to become highly successful on the global market. The brand is often covered in global influential fashion magazines, and has caught the attention of international celebrities like Lady Gaga, who wore the brand in her music video “Applause” and is often seen publicly in Pretty Wild bras.

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