“We are visionaries curating brands that provoke emotional connections with customers.”

I came to China over almost 5 years ago, inspired by the growth of the Chinese middle class consumers. Nearly 350 million strong, these citizens are a people driving the engine of the economy, and my curiosity to learn from the market and the touching points of customer buying decisions has culminated in a company, MRH SPAROTICA GROUPÉ, aimed at serving the needs of these customers over the coming decades.

writing HISTORY

We stand at an interesting junction where ever increasingly China continues to play an intriguing role in the next evolution of fashion consumption. Globally, fashion has always been a reflection of society and through history it has been influenced by world defining events (wars, conquests, laws, religion) and the arts. But in China, throughout history, and in the last decade the slate has largely been clean, with no modern dominating fashion influences driven by world events in the developed world and no provocative global fashion brands that have dominated and defined this culture. What this means is that designer labels and brands have the unique opportunity to shape the market and write their own story, define their heritage and DNA to a blank customers minds-eye. This is both unique and complex to achieve.


Our existence as MRH SPAROTICA GROUPÉ is profoundly inspired by the growth of the Chinese middle class, the next wave of iconoclastic evocative premium fashion brands and ardent Chinese customers that lust them. We know distinctly that

individual personalities will have an impact on fashion in China for the next decade and we are driven to tell the stories of designers and brands we feel make a unique emotional connection with customers, with the ability to shape generations.


The vocation of the MRH SPAROTICA Groupé and our model is a result of spending 5 years in China researching and understanding the underlying trends and triggers that drive fashion consumerism. The result is an understanding that our existence is to ensure an astute balanced portfolio of finely curated brands with unrivaled excellence in market expedient products and services driven by our Artful Suavity of, and appreciation for, design, quality, and avant-garde marketing.


We've amassed a responsive business chain that will operate in four unique segments including Fashion & Leather Goods, Lingerie & Intimate Goods, Perfumes, Bath & Body Goods, and Selective Retailing. We are visionaries curating brands that provoke emotional connections with customers. Our success is rooted in delivering each brand to every customer by achieving unrivaled excellence in brand experience and service.

Richard Kisembo President & Chief Executive Officer

Design, quality, avant-garde marketing and a responsive business chain of reasoning


“We are visionaries curating brands that provoke emotional connections with customers.”